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SW 4310

Female/female threads                                                

Body in brass self-color                         

Blowout-proof stem-PTFE seats                         

Minimum and maximum working 

temperatures: -15℃, 75℃ in absence of steam.                           

Threads:ISO 228                          

2/2 Way                            

General purpose and exclusively used for HVAC products                            

Seal material: normal--- EPDM(code: E), special requirement needscustomization Medium flow direction should be consistent with the arrow direction;can be mounted at any angle                           

Single stroke time: 16 s(normal), 8-30s (bespoke)                                      

With manual device, visual valve position indicator                       

Leakage: 0ml/min                             

Valve core is globe type, moves up & down to realize the function                                             

Valve position limit switch, full open or complete close will poweroff immediately, energy-saving, safe, long lifespan                        Voltage: AC 220/AC 110/AC 24/AC 12V 50/60Hz, tolerance ±10%, customization accepted, currently, no DC series

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